Development Work

Current work

Pursuing a PhD in Development Economics

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in development economics at the University of Groningen, where I am working on a women's empowerment project in collaboration with TYM Microfinance Organization in Vietnam. I use qualitative and quantitative research to design and evaluate an intervention aimed at improving economic, psychological, and social outcomes among women in Northern Vietnam. Additionally, I investigate how cultural framing influences these outcomes, as well as behavioral aspects such as preference for competition.

Prior work

Experiences as a Public Health Research Officer in Myanmar

From 2019 to the end of 2021, I worked as a Public Health Research Officer in Myanmar. I worked on multiple projects, one of which was a EU-funded implementation-research consortium project entitled “Scaling Up on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Southeast Asia" (SUNI-SEA). 

Contributions to the Scaling-Up on Non-Communicable Diseases (SUNI-SEA) project

Project background

The SUNI-SEA project aimed at implementing, evaluating and validating effective and cost-effective scaling-up strategies of evidence-based diabetes and hypertension prevention and management programs in three countries of Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Vietnam, and Indonesia).

Contribution to the project

I oversaw implementation and research plans in Myanmar, and developed a community-level data collection system using DHIS2 for Vietnam and Myanmar, and led coordination efforts among local, national, and international stakeholders and donors

A few highlights

In the midst of the pandemic, in 2021, I contributed an online sharing experience and building skills at the European Public Health Conference, where together with another researcher, we presented  a tool for measuring effectiveness of community health interventions. 

On top of the pandemic, Myanmar was faced with a political and economic crisis following the February 2021 coup. Together with another colleague, I wrote about how we adapted the project by developing a self-care screening app to overcome barriers in reaching communities and responding to rising mental health needs. 

I have also contributed to other initiatives as a Public Health Research Officer in Myanmar. Here are some highlights.

Contributions to other projects in Myanmar

Consulting experiences

I have provided short-term consulting services for organizations such as Population Services International (PSI) and Bixal. 

Some of my key contributions are highlighted below. 

Key contributions

Experiences in the agricultural sector and women's inclusion

In 2017, I worked for AgriCord, a global alliance of agri-agencies, aimed at fostering economic viability of farming activities and improving the livelihood conditions of farmers, their families and the rural communities they work and live in.  

Here are some of my contributions: